shock wave

Shock wave is a kind of mechanical pulse pressing strong wave conducted by physical mechanism medium (air or gas). Mp-100 converts the impulse sound wave generated by aerodynamics into accurate ballistic shock wave, which is positioned and moved by the therapeutic probe.


Shock wave - brand value

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KARL STORZ GmbH & Co KG (since 1945)Tuttlingen/Germany   

5300 employees in tutlingen, Germany CEO: Dr. H.C. Sybill Storz

Founded 1945 was founded in 1945

Located in Tuttlingen / Germany

Located in tutlingen, Germany

The KARL STORZ group

Carlstos group

KARL STORZ GmbH & Co KG (since 1945)

Tuttlingen / Germany 5.300 Tuttlingen, Germany

Employees 5300 employees

CEO: Dr. h.c. Sybill Storz

The KARL STORZ History

Development history of carlstos group

Founded 1987 was founded in 1987

In the heart of Europe

In the beautyful region of Lake Constance

Scenic Lake Constance

On the swiss side of the shore

The lakeshore of Switzerland

Since July 2006 in Tägerwilen

Modern transparent architecture

In harmony with nature

Tagwelan office area was opened in July 2006

Modern transparent architecture

Harmony into nature

Storz company has a long history. It was founded in thurlingen, Germany in 1945. It has 5500 employees all over the world. At present, more than 80000 Storz shock waves are used in clinic. Based on the concept of people-oriented technology, it has become a world-famous supplier of medical equipment and related technologies. In particular, the shock wave production base in Switzerland involves the application of clinical orthopedics, sports medicine, Urology, cardiac surgery, medical cosmetology and other fields. At present, it has become a leader in shock wave R & D and application field! Storz has become the symbol of high quality leading technology and high quality service!


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