Spinejet water jet cutter suction system

The cutting and aspirating system of pinejet water jet is to cut the nucleus pulposus into small particles by using high-speed and controllable water flow as the cutting tool, and then suck out the cut nucleus pulposus particles from the body according to the "Venturi" effect, so as to reduce the volume, reduce the pressure, and relieve the nerve compression of the intervertebral disc.


Water jet - technical advantages

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Spinejet uses high-speed water to remove herniated disc tissue to relieve nerve compression that causes back and leg pain. It produces the same energy as laser and RF technology, but does not cause thermal damage to surrounding tissues and structures. Spinejet is inserted into the intervertebral disc by expanding the annulus fibrosus or the outer wall of the intervertebral disc. Therefore, compared with traditional surgery, this method has many obvious advantages and causes much less trauma.

Who can operate this technique?

The procedure can be performed by neurosurgeons, bone surgeons and pain specialists trained in discectomy. This procedure is usually performed in an outpatient surgery center or pain treatment center.

What are the benefits of spinejet discectomy?

Outpatient surgery without hospitalization

Recovery is fast, so you can get back to work soon

Less pain

There was no osteotomy

No injury to back muscles or surrounding tissues

General anesthesia is not required

The water jet cutter suction system cuts and grinds the quantitative intervertebral disc material, and removes the intervertebral disc through the recovery tube. The advantages of the device include: no nerve root injury, no scar tissue formation and dural fibrosis. The operation can be completed in the outpatient environment, only local anesthesia / sedation is needed, and the operation can be resumed within one week after operation. Recent reports have shown that 94% of patients with low back pain and nerve root pain relief, short-term effect less than 6 months.


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