Spinejet water jet cutter suction system

The spinejet water jet cutting and aspirating system uses high-speed and controllable water flow as cutting tool to cut nucleus pulposus into small particles, and then sucks the nucleus pulposus particles out of the body according to the "Venturi" effect, reducing the volume, reducing the pressure and relieving the nerve compression of the intervertebral disc.


Water jet - brand value

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According to a study published by hydrocision on January 11, 2013, the symptoms of low back pain were relieved by 94% after discectomy.

It is estimated that there are about 600 million patients with chronic low back and leg pain worldwide. Most of them are caused by disc herniation or "bulge", which is also the leading disability factor for people under 45 years old in the United States. The study was a retrospective analysis of 50 patients who underwent discectomy after conservative treatment such as oral medication, physical therapy and epidural steroid injection failed.

Hydrocision's water jet discectomy and aspiration can quickly and effectively decompress the herniated intervertebral disc by using high-speed water flow, and will not cause thermal or mechanical damage that is common in other operation modes. This minimally invasive surgery can be performed by a needle tip sized cannula, so the postoperative pain is reduced and the recovery time is greatly shortened. The operation only needs local anesthesia, so the patients can complete the operation in the outpatient department, and they can go home to rest on the same day without hospitalization. The wound was bonded.

As a leading company in the industry, hydrocision is responsible for the development, production and sales of the technology and tools for minimally invasive spinal surgery using jet. Our patented jet technology has the same power density as laser and RF, but it will not cause thermal damage to tissues. Since its launch in 2005, more than 50000 spine, arthroscopic and debridement operations have been performed using the spinejet system worldwide.


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