shock wave

Shock wave is a kind of mechanical pulse pressing strong wave conducted by physical mechanism medium (air or gas). Mp-100 converts the impulse sound wave generated by aerodynamics into accurate ballistic shock wave, which is positioned and moved by the therapeutic probe.

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Masterplus MP100 extracorporeal shock wave therapy system
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shock wave

Overview of medical shock wave

Shock wave is a kind of mechanical pulse pressing strong wave conducted by physical mechanism medium (air or gas). It can convert the impulse sound wave generated by pneumatics into accurate ballistic shock wave. By positioning and moving the therapeutic probe, it can produce good therapeutic effect on the human tissues with extensive pain.

Key words: safety, noninvasive, no sequelae, wide indications

What is shock wave

It is mechanical wave and acoustic wave. It needs medium such as water, air and tissue to propagate. Its characteristic is that the pressure rises sharply to the peak value in a few nanoseconds. The extracorporeal shock wave pain diagnosis and treatment system, through the energy generated by the compressor, promotes the "bullet" to move in the "barrel" at a high speed, and impacts the "probe" to generate mechanical waves; then, through the medium such as coupling agent, the energy is transferred to the human body tissue, producing various therapeutic effects.


Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has been developed for a long time. In order to study the clinical efficacy of ESWT on its classic indications, experts from various medical departments have carried out a large number of basic and scientific research, and concluded that the clinical biological effects of shock wave are as follows:

Energy release of acoustic boundary


Increase the permeability of cell wall

Stimulate microcirculation (blood, lymph)

Release of substance P

Reduction of non myelinated nerves

Release of nitric oxide (vasodilation, increased cell metabolism, angiogenesis, anti-inflammatory effects)

Antibacterial effect

Stimulating growth factors (angiogenesis, bone, collagen regeneration)

Stimulating stem cells

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